Stakeholders, both internal and external, drive our business success. We take measures to understand our local impacts and the effect of our operations, supply chains and products on people, the environment and society. To do this, we partner with a wide range of external parties to properly inform the decisions we make.

Throughout our global operations, we engage with key stakeholders based on their material relationship to our operational success and our potential to affect them through our operations. This outreach occurs at the local, subsidiary and corporate levels. Following is a summary of channels through which we engage with different stakeholders.

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Who We Engage How We Engage Why It Matters
Who We Engage Employees How We Engage
  • Ongoing supervisor interactions
  • Meetings hosted by senior leaders
  • Compliance hotline for reporting concerns
  • Intranet with global and local content where employees can share sustainability-related suggestions
Why It MattersTo create a culture in which all employees contribute to our success
Who We EngageCustomers How We Engage
  • Regular meetings
  • Customer scorecards
  • Customer requirement documents
  • Membership in industry organizations
Why It MattersTo understand how we are performing from our customers’ perspectives and build industry consensus on social and environmental issues
Who We Engage Shareholders How We Engage
  • Annual shareholder meeting
  • Quarterly financial calls
  • One-on-one analyst meetings
  • Annual report and sustainability report
  • Email
Why It Matters To foster transparency and ensure we are meeting the needs of our shareholders and the investor and analyst communities
Who We Engage Policymakers How We Engage Membership in organizations where we operate, such as:
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei
  • Business Council
  • Business Roundtable
  • European Automotive Technology Council
  • European Research Platform
  • Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry
  • Italy Industry Trade Association
  • Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S.-China Business Council
  • U.S. Information Technology Office
  • U.S.-Taiwan Business Council
  • Virginia Manufacturers Association
Why It Matters To engage with policymaking that governs and affects our business
Who We Engage Suppliers How We Engage
  • Compliance hotline for reporting concerns
  • Reviews of supplier performance
  • Third-party audits
  • Responsible Business Alliance membership
  • Supplier quality requirements document
  • Trainings
  • Contract terms
  • Risk profiling
Why It Matters To maintain an open dialogue about our expectations with respect to social and environmental criteria
Who We Engage Communities How We Engage
  • STEM education outreach
  • Grants toward education and basic human needs
  • Engagement in local, regional and national STEM education conversations
  • Employee volunteerism and matching gifts
Why It Matters To build relationships, social justice and shared value between Micron and organizations located where we operate