Lending Our Strength for a More Equal Society

All of us at Micron are upset and deeply disturbed by recent racial killings of African Americans in the U.S. and ongoing, deeply rooted social inequalities. It is completely unacceptable that anyone live in fear. Hate, racial discrimination, violence and social injustice have no place in our society. We must not tolerate them in our neighborhoods, in our communities, or at Micron — we must not be silent. These cycles cannot remain — we must find a better way.

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Fixing endemic injustice and eradicating racism are responsibilities we must all face together, not just the African American community. Many of our employees and others have asked what they can do, and what Micron can do, to address injustice and inequality. Our people value compels us to act with empathy when others in our community are marginalized, hurting or needing help. Action begins with each of us reflecting and understanding what we must first change within ourselves. Voicing support right now is important. It is equally important that the next steps transform that sadness and outrage into long-term solutions.

A part of the solution is recognizing and addressing our own biases, challenges and limitations. And while Micron has been working and continues to work on these issues, our company, the technology industry and wider society must do more to eliminate clear and significant inequalities and injustice.

Micron commits to strengthening and adding to our existing programs and efforts. This commitment includes supporting our team members; developing a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace; ensuring that our workforce has access to unconscious bias training; and providing our leaders with inclusive leadership coursework and empowerment.

It also includes acting in our wider community by creating economic opportunities for diverse suppliers, giving to critically important organizations such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, actively supporting inclusive public policy, and fostering diverse and inclusive applications of technology. We commit to holding ourselves accountable by clearly reporting on our efforts and progress on addressing our shortcomings and challenges.

And there are steps that we all should take. We can learn more about racial disparities and the need for fair, safe and effective community policing. We can learn how to be anti-racist, how to be inclusive leaders, and how to confront the challenges that too many face in our society.

We should participate and speak up, learn to have more constructive conversations, express our concerns, and ask questions. And we must act to eliminate social bias in our own words and actions — by being allies in social justice and responding when we see injustice, by supporting leading organizations on these issues with our time and philanthropic contributions, and by encouraging others to do the same.

You can read about our efforts on these pages, in our 2019 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Report and on And you can engage with us on these issues at

Action begins with each of us reflecting and understanding what we must first change within ourselves.