Code of

Today’s laws and standards of business conduct are complex, and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the Code) is a practical resource that outlines the basic rules that Micron applies to our business regarding risk, legal and ethical issues.

It also explains the personal responsibility of all Micron employees to speak up if they see something that does not seem right. The Code supports employees, organizations, contractors and suppliers in conducting business with integrity — with one another, investors, communities and the marketplace.


Micron’s senior vice president of legal affairs and general counsel serves as our chief compliance officer and is responsible for ongoing oversight of the Code, which is available to the public. In addition to the Code, we have adopted global policies addressing responsible minerals; the environment, health and safety; human rights; slavery and human trafficking; and other issues of concern.

Pursuant to our global policy framework, global policies are reviewed and vetted by a policy council composed of director- and vice president-level executives, initially approved by a policy committee composed of senior and executive vice presidents, and finally approved by our chief executive officer.

Employees receive regular online training and certify annually that they have read, understand and will continue to comply with the Code. We also provide frequent, targeted live group and one-on-one training. The Code and all other global policies, including translations in seven languages, are available to all employees on our policy management site.

We educate and encourage all employees, vendors and third parties to speak up to their managers, Micron’s legal department or a compliance hotline if they see a suspected violation of our Code. This hotline is third-party operated, available 24/7 and accessible through all commonly used languages. It provides anonymous reporting capability and executes protocols designed to help avoid potential conflicts of interest.