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Retaining the best and brightest in an extremely competitive industry environment is a strategic imperative for our business.

Our engagement program focuses on soliciting feedback from employees and then acting on their input. Employees who are engaged at work tend to thrive professionally, and our performance is better as a result.

The Engage! program increases engagement between leaders and their teams by bringing them together to review, discuss and act on results of a biannual survey. Engage! is designed to trigger regular conversations about engagement within teams, create accountability and measure progress.

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Employee Referral Program

There is no better endorsement of the benefits of the Micron experience than a recommendation from someone you know. So Micron created an online referral program through which current employees can share job openings with colleagues and friends. Employees receive custom URLs to share, and they earn rewards when positions are filled. Forty-six percent of employees have participated in the program — and now, 17% of all external hires originate with a referral.

Survey questions prompt employees to indicate their level of agreement with statements like “My supervisor provides timely and meaningful recognition” and “At work, I am respected for who I am.” The participation rate in the October 2019 survey was 95%, and favorability ratings have increased since the survey was first conducted. We exceeded last year’s goal of reaching at least 60% agreement with the statement, “I find Micron’s culture to be personally engaging and motivating.” Our target for 2020 is that 80% of employees state that their teams have developed action plans to improve their results.

A new component of Engage! in 2019 was the leadership engagement index (LEI), a subset of survey questions that help to gauge direct managers’ abilities to engage their teams, a metric we are using to measure organizational success. LEI scores rose eight percentage points over a six-month period in 2019, which may be attributable to Micron’s expanded leadership development programs.