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SASB Index

Disclosure Topic Disclosure Number Disclosure
Accounting Metric
Asset Management & Custody Activities
Business ethics FB-AC-510a.1 Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with fraud, insider trading, anti-trust, anti-competitive behavior, market manipulation, malpractice, or other related financial industry laws or regulations Qualitative information can be found in Professional Integrity and Business Ethics
FB-AC-510a.2 Description of whistleblower policies and procedures Qualitative information can be found in Professional Integrity and Business Ethics
Transparent information & fair advice for customers FN-AC-270a.1 Number and percentage of covered employees with a record of investment-related investigations, consumer-initiated complaints, private civil litigations, or other regulatory proceedings Not included in this report
FN-AC-270a.2 Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with marketing and communication of financial product related information to new and returning customers. Not included in this report
Incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors in Investment Management and Advisory FN-AC-410a.1 Amount of assets under management, by asset class, that employ
(1) integration of environmental, social
and governance (ESG) issues, (2) sustainability themed investing and
(3) screening
Not included in this report
FN-AC-410a.2 Description of approach to incorporation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in investment and/or wealth management processes and strategies Qualitative information can be found in the Invesco ESG Investment Stewardship Report Responsible Investing Products
Employee diversity & inclusion FN-AC-330a.1 Percentage of gender and racial/ethnic group representation of (1) executive management, (2) non-executive management, (3) professionals, and
(4) all other employees
A Culture Where Diverse People and Ideas Thrive
SASB Standards Application Guidance SASB 5.0 Governance,
Internal Control, and Assurance
a. The entity's governance around the risks and opportunities related to the topic, including board oversight of and management's role in assessing and managing such risks and opportunities.
b. The entity's strategic approach regarding actual and potential impacts of topic-related risks and opportunities on the organizations' businesses, strategy, and financial planning, over the short, medium, and long term.
c. The entity's process to identify, assess, and manage topic-related risks, and how theses risks are integrated into the entity's overall risk management process.
d. The entity's use of metrics or targets to assess and manage topic-related risks and opportunities.
Corporate Governance

The Board has principal responsibility for oversight of the company’s risk management processes and for understanding the overall risk profile of the company. Though Board committees routinely address specific risks and risk processes within their purview, the Board has not delegated primary risk oversight responsibility to a committee. Broadly, our approach includes two governance structures:
(i) our Global Performance and Risk Committee assesses core investment risks; and (ii) our Corporate Risk Management Committee assesses strategic, operational and all other business risks. A network of business unit, geographic and specific risk management committees, under the auspices of the Corporate Risk Management Committee, maintains an ongoing risk assessment, management and monitoring process that provides a bottom-up perspective on the specific risks existing in various domains of our business.