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At Invesco, we are united against racism, inequity and injustice. Black lives matter, and we have a zero-tolerance approach to racism. We are taking direct action to build a more inclusive culture for all Invesco employees and to increase diversity in our workforce. For example, in 2020 our STS team created a Tiger Team to inspire inclusion and encourage conversations about racial justice issues throughout the company. However, we recognize that our work can’t stop within our walls. Systemic inequality and injustice in society are real, and we have a responsibility to address them. We are expanding our efforts for racial justice outward, as we know there is more we can and should do to challenge the status quo.

Invesco was quick to speak out and take action after the killing of George Floyd ignited global protests against racial inequity. We provided financial support to organizations that work tirelessly to advance racial justice, equality and an inclusive society, including a $25,000 donation to the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund. Additionally, during 2020, employees in every Invesco office around the globe donated to racial justice organizations, including the ACLU Foundation, Anti-Defamation League, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and National Urban League. These donations were doubled through our matching gift campaign.

In order to become more involved with local progress in the communities in which we operate, Invesco, in coordination with our senior leaders, signed several pledges and joined initiatives that commit to improving racial equality, both internally and in our industry. These include:

Confluence Philanthropy 2020 Belonging Pledge

This pledge recognizes that we must all do our part to stand up for racial equity. For investors this means building systemic solutions that rebut racial inequity by changing the way we make decisions about the deployment of capital. The pledge acknowledges that this is no easy task, but it begins with a simple first step: committing to discuss racial and social inequity, no matter how uncomfortable those discussions may be.

Atlanta Committee for Progress Pledge

Invesco President and CEO Marty Flanagan is an active participant in the Atlanta Committee for Progress, a partnership between the Mayor of Atlanta and the city’s top business, civic and academic leaders that aims to make positive change in the city. In 2020, Invesco signed a pledge with the Atlanta Committee for Progress, along with more than 40 CEOs from Atlanta-based companies, committing to address social injustice issues and do more within their own companies and communities to build a more inclusive and just society.

State of Connecticut corporate call to action

Invesco joined a new initiative stemming from a call to action by the Connecticut State Treasurer for corporations to do more to address economic and racial disparities in our industry. Members will develop and follow tangible, measurable actions to improve diversity within their companies and address racial and economic disparities in the U.S.

Commitment to support passage of Georgia Hate Crimes Bill

Invesco signed a joint letter from the Atlanta business community and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to the Georgia General Assembly urging the swift passage of a Georgia Hate Crimes Bill. In June 2020 the bill was passed in a historic and overwhelming bipartisan vote.

Visit Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to read more about the ways we address diversity and inclusion
at Invesco and foster racial justice within our workplace.