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Sustainable operations and environmental stewardship

Across every Invesco office, we take measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to be responsible stewards of the planet.

By continually reducing our environmental footprint and operating responsibly, we make our operations more sustainable today and into the future.

We carefully manage our operational activities with a focus on using natural resources wisely, increasing efficiencies wherever possible and providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and visitors. As an asset manager, we have a relatively small environmental footprint in comparison to many industries. Our greatest opportunity for impact is through the management of our investments and engagement with portfolio companies. These efforts are in the best interest of not only our business and employees, but also our clients, shareholders and communities.

Committed to Operational Excellence

Invesco is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of employees, contractors and visitors to our offices and events.

The importance Invesco attaches to health and safety (H&S) demonstrates a determined and overriding commitment that includes:

  • Upholding industry standards, promoting good practice and ensuring our efforts fully comply with local, national and international H&S legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and others who are affected by our activities and eliminating or reducing hazards to the extent reasonably practicable.
  • Eliminating all injuries and occupational health-related illnesses. We promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage our employees to proactively manage their personal health.
  • Working collaboratively, and acting in a responsible manner to ensure H&S management is an integral part of the culture of not only our collective business activities, but beyond our own occupied offices, encompassing our clients, supply chain and contractors.
  • Measuring and communicating our H&S performance, sharing with our employees, investors, and clients and other interested stakeholders. We will incorporate H&S considerations across our business.
  • Implementing and maintaining policies, procedures and systems dedicated to continuous improvement across our business, aligned to the principles of ISO45001 and ISO14001.

Additionally, Invesco has an Environmental Management System (EMS) that serves as a framework for how we manage our environmental impact at our office locations, as well as globally. Our EMS also meets ISO 14001 requirements and other relevant compliance obligations. The system is assured by the British Standards Institute through continuing assessments on an annual basis, with recertification audits taking place every three years. We also conduct an annual internal review of our EMS at both the global and location levels. These environmental assessments take into consideration risks, opportunities and compliance obligations associated with environmental aspects. Results from reviews are used to identify the areas for improvement and environmental control procedures.

To ensure the effective management and continuous improvement of Invesco’s EMS, operational EMS responsibilities are owned by Corporate Properties and supported by local facilities teams and subcontracted services.

Invesco also uses an independent consultant S2 Partnership Ltd. and its IT operating platform RiskWise, to perform audits in all facilities around the world for safety risk and to ensure that our operations are in line with local regulations and international best practices. In 2020, 99.5% of our risks were controlled, which is significantly higher than the U.K. national benchmark of 77%. S2 Partnership Ltd. also performs COVID-19 audits for Invesco to assess our offices for comprehensive COVID-19-related safety measures prior to employees’ returning.

EMS Governance

Green Teams

Many Invesco offices have Green Teams that are dedicated to environmental stewardship. In a typical year, our Green Teams volunteer in local communities, often conducting marine cleanups, tree planting campaigns and trash and litter cleanups in local parks. They also lead campaigns within our offices aimed at reducing paper and plastic consumption, recycling electronics and encouraging public transportation. In 2020, community volunteering was not possible for many Green Teams due to COVID-19, and we look forward to their renewed activity in 2021.


We prioritize operating methods that not only make Invesco a great place to work for employees, but also that minimize our impact on the environment while protecting and enhancing results for our stakeholders. Through effective carbon emissions and environmental management across our operations, Invesco is committed to:

  • Protecting the environment and preventing pollution
  • Meeting all applicable compliance obligations
  • Implementing waste management and minimization practices through the hierarchy approach: reduce, reuse, recycle, energy recovery and disposal
  • Reducing emissions arising from energy and transport use
  • Earning ISO 14001 and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, where practicable

Invesco has a Global Corporate Carbon Emissions and Environmental Policy, which outlines global environmental commitments and targets, including energy and carbon emissions reduction goals. We actively measure our environmental impact, such as energy use, GHG emissions, water consumption and waste production, to ensure that we achieve environmental commitments.

Commitments 2020 Status
Invesco’s environmental commitments and progress toward them include:

Retain Global ISO 14001:2015 Certification.

Global ISO 14001:2015 Certification retained. As of 2020, 70% of our offices across the globe are ISO 14001.

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions resulting from corporate air and rail travel by a minimum of 10% through the implementation of carbon offsetting by 2020.

Air and rail emissions decreased by 74% when compared to 2019. This reduction was due to the reduced amount of business travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019-2020: 74%

Reduce corporate properties’ carbon dioxide emissions at the local property level by 3% by 2020 through waste-water- or energy-reduction initiatives.

Continue to reduce corporate properties’ emissions at the local property level through waste-, water- or utilities-reduction initiatives by a minimum of 10% until science-based targets are established.

In 2020, Invesco exceeded the targets for energy use and GHG emissions, although these were impacted by global office closures.

2019-2020: 23% reduction

Continue to support the UN Clean Seas Campaign through the removal of single-use plastic from corporate properties globally.

Efforts to remove single-use plastic from our properties continued in 2020. New hires receive a reusable water bottle to reduce reliance on plastic cups. In addition, some offices have moved to centralized bins to reduce single-use plastic bin bags. Furthermore, 54kg of pens were donated to U.K. schools by the marketing team.

Engage in and support environmental and community events and initiatives, including Earth Hour, with a minimum of one local event or initiative per office.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we engaged in fewer events than in previous years. However, some offices donated dry, tinned and perishable food to local foodbanks where their local restaurant/pantries were closed.

  1. Air and rail travel increased from 2018 to 2019 due to restrictions placed on travel in 2018.

EMS Governance

Senior Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer


Global Corporate Properties Team

which oversees

Global Health & Safety Environmental Manager


Regional Operations Director, Facilities


Head of Corporate Properties

which oversee

Local Environment Management Team

which oversees

Local Management


Local Environmental Management Representative


Local Environmental Operations Representative

which oversee

Green Teams