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A culture where diverse people and ideas thrive

Invesco’s success is a result of our people who come together every day with a shared purpose of doing what matters to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

We work hard every day to create an inclusive, diverse and balanced work environment centered on employee well-being.

Our efforts center on building a workplace for all employees—from investment, sales and distribution teams to our enterprise support functions around the world—that values their unique experiences and perspectives, puts their personal and professional well-being first, and offers opportunities for growth through new experiences and more traditional learning.

In 2020, our focus on employee well-being was demonstrated through health and wellness programs, more agile and personalized learning resources and encouragement of more flexible work arrangements. We also acknowledged that there is more we can do to advance social equity at Invesco. In 2020, we launched several new initiatives aimed to further support our Black colleagues and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone.

Committed to diversity and inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is core to Invesco’s Purpose. We know diversity and inclusion are both moral and business imperatives. A workplace with diverse people and perspectives, where everyone feels equally valued, means that our employees bring their whole selves to work and that we use our collective experience to create better outcomes for clients.

Invesco’s leaders have annual performance goals that drive D&I priorities within their part of the organization, as well as across the firm. Our D&I strategy focuses on activities that have the greatest impact on creating a more inclusive culture for our employees in four key areas:

Invesco has made progress on many fronts. We have a low turnover rate. While positive from a cultural and engagement perspective, this presents challenges in how we change the racial and gender composition of our workforce. We have broadened our talent acquisition practices to include a more diverse candidate slate, but we are on a multiyear journey to see real progress.


Increasing diversity and representation

Purpose & Priorities

Making diversity and inclusion integral to who we are and how we operate

Client & Community

Moving our industry and our communities forward


Ensuring an inclusive culture where all colleagues feel safe and supported

Informing our actions with data

No one is better positioned to inform our D&I priorities than the employees who come to work for Invesco every day. In 2020 we launched two surveys aimed at listening to employees to better understand their experiences, viewpoints and the issues that matter most to them. These insights are invaluable and will help us focus our future efforts in ways that have the largest positive impact on our employees.

Demographic Survey

In 2020, Invesco launched the #CountMeIn Demographic Survey, our first-ever global, demographic data-capture campaign to collect the demographic data of our employees beyond gender. The voluntary campaign asked employees to self-identify in terms of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race and ethnicity, veteran, neurodiversity and caregiver status. This data will help inform our future D&I activities and goals to improve racial diversity.

Inclusion Survey

We’re committed to a culture that gives every employee a voice and an opportunity to contribute. As part of our regular employee survey, this year Invesco incorporated a focus on inclusion designed to gather our employees’ perspectives, including how employees define inclusion and how they think Invesco measures up, so we might better understand what initiatives are working and where we need to improve. Results from this feedback are being used to inform our actions.

diverse talent

Attracting diverse candidates is a priority at Invesco, and we’re looking at our hiring practices and strategies to increase the pipeline of diverse talent for our company and the industry at large.

Throughout the asset management industry, we struggle to attract female candidates in certain roles (for example investment, sales and technology), due to those areas being historically male dominated. This negative perception also extends to diverse or minority colleagues who may not view the asset management industry as a top career choice for them. We recognize that future success—for our clients, employees and communities—requires that we take concrete actions that result in attracting a more diverse pipeline of talent.

In addition to our own efforts, Invesco works with The Diversity Project in North America and the U.K. and other industry bodies to influence the perception of the industry to women and diverse job seekers in universities or who are early in their careers. In 2020, to further our reputation in the industry, we participated in industry pledges that we believe will make a difference, such as the Confluence Belonging Pledge and the Corporate Call to Action: Coalition for Equity & Opportunity. Invesco also remains invested in financial literacy programs in underserved communities, as well as partnerships with universities that educate and spark interest in careers in our industry. See Education support to learn more about our financial literacy commitments within our communities.

To ensure that our hiring practices deliver greater diversity, we implemented a number of activities in 2020. We have a new tool that removes biased language in our job advertisements and job descriptions. We also continued to press toward our goal of having 95% of all candidate slates and interview panels be gender diverse. As of 2021, we are tracking all North American candidate slates for racial diversity in addition to gender, which will allow us to further track our performance in this area.

Invesco also runs an online course for employees involved in the hiring process called “Fostering Diversity of Thought Through Hiring Practices,” which highlights the importance of hiring candidates with diverse perspectives, identifies how unconscious biases may show up in the interviewing process, and provides best practices to mitigate bias and select the best candidate.

What inclusion means to Invesco employees

Across all of Invesco’s operating regions, our employees ranked the same four actions as most important to them. They are:

  • A culture where people of all backgrounds are welcome and valued
  • Everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and progress in the company
  • I can freely express my ideas, opinions and beliefs, and I feel heard
  • I can voice an opposing or different view without fear of consequences