Responsible Sourcing
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Responsible Jewellery Council

Signet is a Founding and three-time Certified Member of the RJC, the jewelry industry’s premier standards and certification organization.

David Bouffard, Signet Vice President of Corporate Affairs and RJC Chair, with Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director of the RJC

The RJC Code of Practices (CoP) is the foundation of the organization’s work and addresses human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and other topics in the jewelry supply chain. In 2019, the RJC CoP was revised to incorporate international guidance on supply chain due diligence and extended to include silver and colored gemstones.

Signet requires all suppliers to join the RJC over time and be certified by RJC’s accredited third-party auditors as compliant with the RJC’s Code of Practices, including compliance with the SRSP as a “Provenance Claim”. This certification by RJC is harmonized with Signet’s audit policy, so RJC-certified suppliers are exempt from Signet’s SRSP audit, factory and social audits. This policy has significantly increased RJC membership in Signet’s supply chain, whereby 96.17% of Signet’s purchases in 2019 were from RJC members. RJC membership therefore constitutes a major contribution to Signet’s supply chain risk assessment, due diligence process and independent third-party verification and audit.

From 2019, Signet’s primary third-party audit assurance for responsible practices and sourcing was through the RJC certification scheme with relevant minerals as “Provenance Claims.” For non-RJC members, Signet required identified suppliers to undertake an independent audit of their 2019 Compliance Report, based on Signet’s risk assessment of that supplier and/or the supplier’s SRSP compliance report.