CSR Governance at Signet

The Board CSR Committee consists of four Signet Board Members. The Committee has oversight and sets the strategic direction for corporate social responsibility at Signet. Signet management updates the CSR Board Committee quarterly.

CSR Governance Structure

In its role in providing oversight of risk management, the Board annually agrees on the prioritized risks impacting the company and the Board’s associated responsibilities and reviews them every quarter.

Committed to mitigating
environmental risks

We believe climate change risks related to our direct business performance are limited primarily to extreme weather events that could negatively affect the operation of our stores. Signet, however, recognizes that climate change is a risk to society and therefore continues to take steps to reduce Signet’s climatic impact. By monitoring and managing our carbon footprint, Signet aims to mitigate climate change risks that could disproportionately affect vulnerable groups within our supply chain, as well as potentially affect demand for our products in the long term.