Our enterprise-wide wellness strategies are designed to support the physical, mental, social, environmental and financial well-being of our team members at work and at home. We develop strategic health and financial wellness initiatives that are driven by “People, Purpose and Passion”—positively inspiring long-term sustainable health among team members and improving health cost management. We educate, engage and empower team members to improve and maintain their overall health and financial well-being through programs aimed at prevention, health management and optimal engagement.

On the Move Challenge

Signet’s On the Move Challenge is a 12-week, companywide program that encourages US team members to set and achieve fitness goals. Several accountability and reward mechanisms are built into the program to help team members stick to their goals. Examples include:

  • Collecting ‘You Were Caught On The Move’ cards from other team members when seen exercising, with the cards redeemable for rewards
  • Providing an online platform for support and tips, team members followed this challenge with a Life on the Move online program. Life on the Move takes a holistic approach to personal wellness and offers expert-written articles on topics such as Emotional Brain Training, fitness videos and weekly assessments focused on health behaviors and social well-being.
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To make healthy eating easier, Signet offers US team members free membership to PlateJoy, an easy-to-use, interactive online meal planning tool. Healthy recipes, including all nutritional information, are selected based on the team member’s dietary and nutrition preferences. PlateJoy offers in-app grocery lists and optional grocery delivery. The tool is currently used by 1,259 team members.

Wellness at Work

We provide fitness facilities and organize wellness events throughout the year at both our Akron and Dallas Support Centers to engage team members on proactively managing their health. Preventive programs, such as flu vaccinations and mammograms, are offered at both sites, along with Lunch and Learns on disease prevention and management. In Akron, team members have 24/7 access to the SigFit Fitness Center, and we offer team-building competitive activities, such as softball, basketball, sand volleyball, bowling and cornhole. Health and wellness programs were front and center as part of moving into our new Dallas Support Center. Team members have access to two campus fitness facilities and can participate in monthly orientation meetings and other group fitness programs.


LifeSpeak is an online health and wellness platform that includes videos, podcasts, action plans and “Ask the Experts” live monthly sessions. Team members and their family members in the US and Canada can receive advice on topics ranging from physical and mental well-being to parenting and caregiving education.

Last year 3,567 team members participated in the online wellness training videos.

Team members
participated in online wellness training videos

Financial wellness

Our holistic view of wellness extends to personal finance. Signet financial wellness programs are designed to help provide team members and their families with sound financial management decision-making and alleviate stress related to financial decisions. Team members have access to a credit union, retirement investment plans and legal consultations. Every month, we provide team members with one-on-one sessions with financial advisors at all office locations. And, in partnership with our 401(k) vendor and other financial institutions, we offer a series of Lunch and Learns and webinars on financial wellness on topics such as When can I retire? Asset Allocation; and Taking Financial Control in your 20s, 30s and 40s.

UK wellness programs

During the past year, our programs in the UK and Ireland have emphasized mental health and financial resources. UK and Ireland team members have access to a new employee wellness portal that is aligned with Signet’s Employee Assistance Program. All UK managers have access to e-learning content related to mental health awareness. To promote financial wellbeing, UK team members now have access to a loan consolidation service and a selection of savings products.