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Investing in Advantageous
Products and Markets

In 2005, Mohawk completed the acquisition of Unilin, which established a European presence for the business and the leading position in laminate flooring because Unilin originated many of the features that created laminate’s appeal.

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Since that time, Mohawk has invested in expanding and upgrading product offerings, extending distribution, entering new markets and deploying leading-edge equipment. The addition of LVT, sheet vinyl, wood and carpet tile in Europe has broadened flooring sales opportunities and enhanced the value of the European hard surface flooring distributors we have purchased. In 2018, the acquisition of Godfrey Hirst in Australia and New Zealand made us the largest flooring provider in the region. Through acquisition and internal growth, the segment’s footprint now extends to four continents, and significant opportunities for expansion into new product categories and markets remain.

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Residential &
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Insulation Panels

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Rapid Expansion

Since 2017, the segment’s operating margin has increased approximately 200 basis points while sales have increased approximately 50%, much of which was organic growth spurred by investments to expand into new product categories and markets. Our primary acquisition in that period, Godfrey Hirst, accomplished both, adding a significant carpet business and establishing us as the flooring leader in Australia and New Zealand. With our momentum over the past five years, we are optimistic about future growth and profitability.

Investing for Growth

The market for our premium laminate has continued to grow as our technologies have made the product virtually identical to real wood and have created water-resilience that makes laminate flooring an option in any space in the home. To support future growth in this high-value category, we are expanding manufacturing capacity with state-of-the-art equipment that can produce the next generation of product advancements. We continue to invest in product innovation to support sales growth of our other flooring categories across our global markets. Our 2021 acquisitions in boards and insulation reflect our commitment to growing those businesses in Europe, complemented by the addition of manufacturing technology to produce higher-value decorative panels for interior décor and furniture.


When we acquired Unilin, the product line consisted of laminate, boards and insulation panels. Today, the segment offers a comprehensive product portfolio, which illustrates our successful history of expanding into new categories. The success of our ventures outside of Europe reinforces the potential for increasing our geographic footprint while also identifying bolt-on acquisitions in our existing markets.We will continue to seek opportunities that can drive profitable growth in regions rich with potential.

Investing in Product Innovation

Groundbreaking Premium Laminate

Our laminate flooring has become a highly desirable option for families seeking a perfect solution for bringing beauty, performance and easy maintenance into all areas of their homes. Elegant design, durable structures and realistic bevels yield collections that are nearly indistinguishable from traditional wood floors, while offering exceptional protection against water and scratches.

100% Waterproof LVT

With homes now doubling as workplaces, schools and gyms, families want waterproof floors to reduce maintenance and support their active lifestyles. Alpha Vinyl LVTTM features a proprietary watertight click system combined with patented water-repellent technology to produce a completely waterproof floor. With advanced scratch- and stain-resistant technology and an ultra-strong core, these floors can withstand falling objects and heavy daily use while maintaing beautiful visuals.

Differentiated Decorative Panels

To elevate our decorative panels used for wall and door finishes or furniture production, we have developed melamine-faced MDF and chipboard with a thermal-fused laminated surface or a transparent finishing layer. In addition to more striking visuals, these panels are durable, scratch resistant, colorfast, antibacterial and low maintenance, differentiating them from similar products in the market.

Sustainable Commitments

  • Carbon Reduction
    In Europe, the segment is setting objectives aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and the flooring business in Australia and New Zealand has obtained Climate Active certification by establishing carbon reduction goals. We are committed to keeping wood in circulation for as long as possible. Scrap wood equals stored carbon and by upgrading it into quality products, we reduce combustion and CO2 emissions.
  • Product Circularity
    Our European resilient flooring and carpet tile businesses are implementing innovative processes for recycling PVC content so that used PVC can be converted into granules and repurposed into new products. Wool carpeting in the Australia and New Zealand markets represents an excellent example of circular design: a renewable resource; inherently long wearing to limit replacement; and biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle.
  • Recycled Input
    Our LVT, laminate and carpet tile produced in Europe contain significant recycled material. Our board business gives a second life to around 700,000 tons of reclaimed wood each year, with chipboards composed of 90% recycled content. With a proprietary technology for reclaiming wood fiber from used MDF and HDF boards, we now uniquely reuse this material to produce high-quality fiberboard. We will eventually keep 380,000 tons of CO2 per year stored in wood fiber that has been repurposed.
  • Green Energy
    Investments in renewable energy technologies help to power the growth of our business. Biomass heat and power generation from end-of-life wood byproducts is in place at two facilities with a third in the planning stages. A wind farm provides 20% of the electricity at our Avelgem, Belgium, plant, and rooftop solar panels at our headquarters and flooring development center significantly offset electricity use.