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2019 Annual & Corporate
Responsibility Report

Staying Ahead of Disruption

With economic inequality continuing to grow, people across the U.S. remain vastly underprepared and underinsured. We see several disruptions in the marketplace; primary among them are the role of digital technology in how customers want to interact, the rise of the average life expectancy, and the continued challenge of saving for longer retirements.

With digital technology rapidly changing how people interact, learn, and build relationships, our products and services must be designed with an easy-to-use and accessible mindset. That’s why we are investing in expanding the digital experiences of both our employer-based products and direct-to-customer services. We’re using algorithms to better assess risk and better serve our customers. We’re providing specialized solutions that leverage our long-term view. And we’re creating integrated mobile experiences that engage customers on their terms.

Second, we’re working hard to address what we’re calling the longevity crisis. While the average life expectancy is on the rise, retirement savings are static or, worse, falling. To address this issue, we are reviewing our products to better serve retirees, doubling down on our efforts to educate people on the importance of financial planning, and collaborating with partners and employers on integrating financial wellness into existing products and platforms. We’re addressing disruption by driving positive change.