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2019 Annual & Corporate
Responsibility Report

Evolving Our Business Portfolio

MassMutual International:
Leading with Digital

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After completing the sales of MassMutual Asia and MassMutual Japan in 2018, we focused on strengthening our partnerships with the purchasers, Yunfeng Financial Group (Hong Kong) and Nippon Wealth Life Insurance Company (Japan), respectively.

With continued ownership interests in our new partners, we were also able to position ourselves to leverage MassMutual’s overall digital advances in insurance and begin adapting them to the Asian market, an arena we believe has substantial potential for growth.

These sales are early examples of how we are executing our strategy to expand our international presence through innovative networks of entrepreneurial businesses, in this case based in Hong Kong and Japan, with an exciting range of prospective initiatives from big data to asset management.

Additionally, we continue to enhance Yingda Taihe Life Insurance Company, our joint venture in China, with the State Group Corporation.