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2019 Annual & Corporate
Responsibility Report

Evolving Our Business Portfolio

Brinker Capital: Better Solutions
for High-Net-Worth Clients

We expanded our advisory capabilities for high-net-worth clients in 2019 by launching a new partnership with Brinker Capital, a privately held investment management company. The partnership allows MML Investors Services, the registered investment adviser and broker-dealer arm of MassMutual, to offer Brinker Capital Wealth Advisory (Wealth Advisory) services on its Wealth Management Services (WMS) platform.

With the high-net-worth market estimated at $100 trillion, MML is always looking for innovative partners to expand our client platform and provide our investment advisor representatives with greater access to tailorable solutions. With a full suite of services and solutions, Wealth Advisory includes access to a dedicated portfolio management team, tax management and transition solutions, robust reporting, and third-party partners specializing in alternative investments; banking and lending; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions; and trust services.