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2019 Annual & Corporate
Responsibility Report

Investing in Our People & Communities

The MassMutual Foundation:
2019 Highlights

The Live Mutual Project: Collaborating for Financially Healthy Futures

For nearly 170 years, we have kept our purpose central to how we operate, building our business on strong relationships and always working hard to protect those we love. The Live Mutual Project uses our connections, knowledge, and resources to help people build and expand their own relationships with individuals and institutions that, in turn, can help them gain access to greater economic opportunity and help them build a better future. We do this by focusing on three key areas: providing basic needs (such as affordable housing), building community connections (like mentoring), and developing financial capabilities (including how to budget, save, and plan).

In 2019, the MassMutual Foundation awarded a $1.5 million grant to Live Mutual Project nonprofit partner Way Finders to help fund the organization’s new Housing Center, currently under construction in Springfield, Massachusetts. This grant will enable Way Finders to serve even more people in the community who are facing homelessness or struggling to achieve financial security.

Building a Truly Sustainable 21st Century Company

MassMutual remains committed to integrating sustainability into its entire business and investment strategies. Nearly a decade ago we demonstrated this commitment when we installed 1,750 solar panels at our Springfield campus. Today, we lead with our Diversity and Inclusion practice, as well as our approach to building resilient communities through our Live Mutual Project.

We are taking an accelerated approach to incorporating sustainable practices into our day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. Centered around mutuality and the power of communities, we are developing a company-wide sustainability framework that is driven by experts throughout our organization, underscored by a long-term and multidimensional view of what it means to be a truly sustainable company in the 21st century.

man talking to crowd
Hill Harper (featured right), an award-winning actor, best-selling author, philanthropist and FutureSmart spokesperson, addresses middle school students at the MassMutual Foundation’s FutureSmart Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona.

FutureSmartSM : Making Financial Literacy Fun and Teachable

We invest in FutureSmart because we believe that financial education is foundational to achieving economic empowerment. We are on track to reach our goal of providing financial education to 2 million students by mid-2020. In the 2018-2019 school year, just over 6,200 middle and high schools were using our free digital resources to build curriculum and interactive experiences, resulting in reaching almost 530,000 middle and high school students.