Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity supports our mission of helping all customers Celebrate Life and Express Love®. We believe that diverse teams make better decisions. Accordingly, we strive to create an inclusive and respectful environment that empowers all genders, ethnicities, nationalities and beliefs to thrive and be promoted based on merit and talent. This commitment has been underscored by our selection for the 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI), based on Signet’s FY2017 diversity profile and policies. We are one of only a few retailers, and the only jewelry retailer, included in the 2019 Bloomberg GEI.

Signet’s Diversity Leadership Team (DLT), comprised of team members from the Field and Support Centers, is the driving force in identifying opportunities for more inclusive practices that foster engagement and performance. The DLT develops cross-functional collaboration and proposes strategic, inclusive and value-added corporate initiatives to support our core value of Own It. Each proposal to increase organizational inclusion is evaluated using defined qualitative and quantitative measures of success. In addition, the DLT provides team members with opportunities for professional leadership development and continuous improvement. The DLT conducts an annual recruitment event to encourage new leaders to get involved in leveraging inclusion to foster engagement and innovation.

In December, Signet
named Reggie Johnson, Sr. Vice President, Human Resources (Field) and Chief Diversity Officer.

2018 Diversity initiatives

Team members took the lead in organizing and participating in events to promote diversity by creating four new Business Resource Groups (BRGs) in our Akron and Dallas Support Centers: Young Professionals, Women, LGBTQ+ and Multicultural support. Among the BRG-sponsored events during the year were celebrations in Akron and Dallas of National Coming Out Day, which engaged team members to support our core value to Lead Bravely. BRG members also participated in Pride parades in the Cleveland and Dallas areas. A fifth BRG for veterans is scheduled to be launched in 2019.

Our LinkedIn Learning platform now provides team members with access to specific diversity-focused soft skills courses. Topics include Unconscious Bias, Confronting Bias and Managing a Diverse Team.