CSR Governance
Message from the Board
CSR Committee Chair


ur company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects its culture and is equally vital to its success. We recognize that CSR activities are often factors in decisions for current and prospective employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to engage with our company. Not widely known, though, is that Signet is among a relatively small group of public companies that have a Board-level CSR Committee. Now in its fifth year, the Committee has been providing strategic direction and governance oversight on goals and progress for the four CSR key areas that comprise our commitment to you

Eugenia Ulasewicz
Signet Board Member & Chair
of the Board CSR Committee

“We’re most proud of the progress our company has made in our global responsible sourcing achievements over the last several years.”

The Committee believes that our CSR commitment clearly supports the company’s business strategy for long-term growth. This involves the integration of human capital management, purposeful stakeholder outreach, and financial and operational resource stewardship. This year, we intend to establish additional goals and most important, step up communications internally and externally about our CSR progress. With more than 30,000 team members who can serve as ambassadors, amplifying important messages to all our stakeholders, from customers to investors, is an important objective this year.

We’re most proud of the progress our company has made in our global responsible sourcing achievements over the last several years. The team’s work is respected around the world by government, and civil society and has established us as the clear industry leader in this regard. The work already under way this year will further strengthen both our collaboration and accountability with suppliers to help enhance the high business and ethical standards already in place.

In addition, Signet’s commitment to inclusion and diversity runs from the Board throughout the organization, and fuels innovation and development among employees. Accelerating engagement throughout the organization is a critical goal this year for all levels of leadership. As the company optimizes its real estate footprint, we also are mindful to have ongoing integration for environmental stewardship initiatives. And this year, we are pleased that team members are further empowered to take ownership for volunteering more in our communities within our charitable giving focus on helping underserved women and children.

CSR is central to our culture, reflected in our core values, and essential for us to remain both an industry leader and a competitive company. And you have our assurance that Signet’s CSR commitment will continue to play a vital role in all company activities, including our Path to Brilliance transformation plan. On behalf of our Committee, thank you for your interest in our CSR program.

CSR Governance at Signet

The Board CSR Committee consists of five Signet Board Members. The Committee has oversight and sets the strategic direction for corporate social responsibility at Signet. Signet management updates the CSR Board Committee quarterly.

In its role in providing oversight of risk management, the Board annually agrees on the prioritized risks impacting the company and the Board’s associated responsibilities and reviews them on a quarterly basis.

Committed to mitigating
environmental risks

We believe climate change risks related to our direct business performance are limited primarily to extreme weather events that could negatively affect the operation of our stores. Signet, however, recognizes that climate change is a risk to society and therefore continues to take steps to reduce Signet’s climatic impact. By monitoring and managing our carbon footprint, Signet aims to mitigate climate change risks that could disproportionately affect vulnerable groups within our supply chain, as well as potentially affect demand for our products in the long term.