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What We Do

A leader in innovative healthcare delivery, Ochsner Health Network (OHN) comprises leading health systems, partner physician groups and affiliated community providers across the greater Gulf South region. OHN is the largest and most advanced clinically integrated network (CIN) in the region and brings select health providers together to improve quality and reduce costs.

The 2,967 primary care and specialty care physicians participating in OHN are focused on sharing knowledge, resources, processes and technology to:

  • Improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes
  • Center the care delivery model around the patient
  • Develop better coverage solutions for employers and patients
  • Improve efficiency, thereby reducing the total cost of care

Our Partner Providers

405,633 OHN Value-based

6 Value-based

30% Provider Membership Growth

4 Regional

6 Partner Health

27 Hospitals

277 Physician Practices

580 Locations

2,967 Total Physicians
(not including APPs)

411 Primary Care

2,385 Specialists

1,486 Advanced Practice Professionals