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Brighter Together


2021 was a year of growth and resilience for Hilton. We opened more than one hotel per day, celebrated numerous brand milestones and saw first-time entries into new global markets, all while spreading the light and warmth of hospitality around the world. With more than 2,600 additional hotels in the pipeline, the future is bright.

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Guest Experience

By combining innovative new offerings with Hilton’s reliable and friendly service, we’ve enhanced our guests' experiences so they can focus on what really matters — creating new memories.

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Our Team Members are at the heart of who we are and what we do. As we work together to create heartfelt, memorable experiences for our guests, we are also ensuring that Hilton is an inclusive place to build a rewarding career.

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A Message from
Chris Nassetta

It’s never been clearer that Hilton is an engine
of opportunity and a beacon of hope for all our
stakeholders. Our Team Members’ continued
resilience and innovation in the face of a
changing pandemic ensured that we remained
focused on the future, energized by the belief
that we shine brighter together.”

Chris Nassetta
President & CEO

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A Message from
Kevin Jacobs

We’re proud of the financial flexibility we
demonstrated through the pandemic and
remain confident in our balance sheet
management and ability to continue to be an
engine of growth and opportunity for our
owners, Team Members, shareholders
and partners.”

Kevin Jacobs
Chief Financial Officer &
President, Global Development

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