We’re Building a High-Performance Culture That Wins for Customers and Associates

Winning organizations possess a workplace culture that unlocks the full potential of its associates, allows good ideas to flourish and fuels the successful execution of the company strategy. At Regions, we have taken steps to strengthen an already strong organization by implementing new initiatives to better understand our culture and identify the characteristics that can help our performance.

In the end, we know that an organization’s culture is not that which is proclaimed by leadership – it is what is lived by associates on the front line every day. We strengthen the engagement of our associates when we create an environment of transparent communication. Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone has a voice and where every perspective is valued and considered.

360 Relationships Put Customers at the Center

At Regions we’re dedicated to creating shared value for all our stakeholders, and that commitment is embodied in Regions360 – a systematic, prescriptive approach that empowers our bankers to create deeper and broader relationships with customers. Whether it’s a young family just starting out or a large business planning to expand, every customer has unique needs and can benefit from an array of Regions' products and services.

Our associates have embraced Regions360 because of its customer-centric rather than product-centric approach. It’s a strategy that works from the inside out – putting customers at the center of the decision-making process. Regions360 begins with a detailed analysis that identifies financial needs unique to our customers, whether it involves an individual’s aspirations or a business’ goals. This allows us to then match those needs with solutions that are suitable and appropriate.

Regions360 is a critical component of our strategy for growth, and since inception, it has created significant value for both the bank and our customers.

Matt O.

Justin L.