We Innovate With Customers in Mind

The Video Teller

Regions is a leader in expanding the capabilities of the remote terminal through our Video Teller.

Our customers lead busy lives, so it’s important that we never stop looking for ways to make banking with us more convenient. Letting customers bank on their terms to perform transactions how, when and where they choose – that’s the philosophy that drives innovation at Regions. We’ll never stop emphasizing relationship banking with a personal touch, but innovative technology is playing a bigger role in delivering convenience that’s efficient both for customers and for us.

Everywhere, Anytime Convenience

Whether it’s depositing a paycheck, sending money to family, paying bills or checking an account balance, Regions’ Mobile Banking app puts convenience in the palm of our customers’ hands. We believe in offering customers choices – and Regions’ Mobile Deposit provides three availability options that allow customers to choose how soon they want access to funds, including immediate availability. Our mobile app is also the ideal way to keep track of important account activity. A suite of mobile alerts lets customers know when a check clears, a deposit has been made or the account balance gets too low.

Customer demand for our mobile solutions is growing rapidly. Since 2012, mobile banking interactions increased 166% and the number of mobile banking customers grew by nearly one-third. Today, nearly four in 10 Regions’ customers utilize mobile banking. For customers who prefer to bank via their computer rather than a smartphone or tablet, Regions’ Online Banking offers an array of convenient features, including automated bill pay. Our telephone Contact Center is another important Regions asset that supports cross-channel sales, service and expertise. Since 2012, our Contact Center sales have increased 22%.

In 2014, customers using mobile
banking increased 20% YOY.

Automated, Capable and Personal: The Video Teller

For decades, customers have used ATMs to access funds and perform simple transactions. Today, Regions is a leader in expanding the capabilities of the remote terminal through our Video Teller Machines. When a customer visits the Video Teller, they are connected live via video chat to a banker who can perform nearly all of the transactions offered at a branch – from cashing a check to processing a mortgage payment. The service is available during extended hours, including nights and weekends. The Video Teller Machine also offers ATM capabilities 24/7. As our branch network continues to evolve, we expect the Video Teller to play an important role – handling more routine customer transactions, freeing branch associates to focus more on in-person value-added sales, service and advice.