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Ochsner Health Network – 2019 Annual Report

Message from the President

Since its inception in 2015, Ochsner Health Network’s (OHN) team stands shoulder-to-shoulder with hard-working providers across Louisiana in the daily quest to improve patients’ lives. Yet state health rankings lag and per capita healthcare spending continues to swell, while preventable illness and chronic disease remain the culprits. Hanging in the balance lie patients and providers, working to overcome cost, access, regulatory and contractual barriers that have plagued our traditional healthcare delivery system for decades.

How OHN is making a difference

As the largest Louisiana-managed, clinically integrated network, OHN demonstrates how our physician-led “engine” is working to reverse long-standing industry barriers. With 3,112 providers and five health system partners on the front lines, our network’s leaders work behind the scenes with payors and employers to engineer and scale value-driven contracts, powered by robust population health analytics, tools and technology. Uniquely designed by our native clinicians and population health experts, the network’s tiered provider contracts and plans reflect a shared desire to transform the health of our communities, while rewarding clinicians for their achievements.

That’s why, in 2021, as part of our OHN 2.0 strategy, we will restructure OHN as a single, like-minded network of provider partners symbolizing a shared commitment to improving the health of the people of Louisiana.

David Carmouche, MD
President, Ochsner Health Network
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lives under management


health system partners

value-based agreements

PCPs recognized as top-tier
performers by BCBSLA for QBPC performance

$23.7 million
generated in shared savings

$22 million
in incentives and rewards

Our team is particularly proud of achievements in optimal care for every major patient health risk category we measure.

OHN’s payor-agnostic data revealed that 79% of our patients with hypertension had their blood pressure controlled, 82% for chronic kidney disease and 56% in vascular care screening compliance in a state ranked 49th in the 2019 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report.

We consider these early wins in our five-year existence an indication that our work is effective, and the potential unending.

Throughout our 2019 digital annual report site, we share our most compelling success stories and testimonials, featuring healthcare champions who are moving the needle in core population health focus areas:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Primary care and wellness measures
  • Appropriate, timely screening and testing
  • Appropriate emergency room utilization
  • Readmission prevention
  • Post acute care continuity
  • Cost of care and pharmaceuticals

Our vision for the future – OHN 2.0

To capitalize on this momentum, we recently unveiled a draft vision for our network structure: OHN 2.0. Historically, OHN equated to a “network of networks” with decentralized approaches, communications and capabilities. As the largest participant in the network, Ochsner Health was best positioned to reinvest in the physician network, take on downside risk and subsidize the expense of critical “big data” population health tools, technology and services.

That’s why, in 2021, as part of our OHN 2.0 strategy, we will restructure OHN as a single, like-minded network of provider partners symbolizing a shared commitment to improving the health of the people of Louisiana. In addition to advancing both the breadth and depth of risk in value-based agreements, the evolved network will aim to widely deliver robust population health tools and services, such as complex outpatient case management, transitions of care and care coordination support, digital medicine technology and programs, and post-acute network and utilization management. Importantly, as we make progress, our contracts and insurance products must demonstrate attainable value and realistic incentive structures for the providers who deliver care. We fully embrace that when healthcare delivery is mutually rewarding, clinicians’ professional joy is restored, and patients are healthier and happier.

Strength and resilience as a network

We look forward to unveiling more exciting plans and opportunities as our vision draws near. But by any measure, these are extraordinary times. This year, as we and our fellow Louisianans continue to face the immense challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain stronger and better together. On behalf of the team at Ochsner Health Network, we are tremendously proud and grateful to our partners and staff for pulling together to care for our Gulf South communities with compassion and self-sacrifice. Likewise, we extend sincere gratitude to the patients we so humbly serve.

Best regards,

David Carmouche, MD
President, Ochsner Health Network

OHN 2.0 centralizes the vast resources and capabilities of OHN’s “network of networks” to better deliver robust population health tools and services to the Gulf South patients and physicians we serve.

  • Better patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Improved coordination
  • Elevated market influence
  • Expanded/aligned patient population
  • Renewed provider satisfaction

OHN 1.0

5 Partner Hospitals
30+ Committees
10 Distribution Methodologies

OHN 2.0:

Ochsner Health Network (Unified Network)