Accelerating Sustainability

2019 Sustainability Report

Today’s astounding rate of innovation is driven by memory solutions that speed the storage and processing of information. As Micron continues to deliver products that push technological capabilities forward, we are also fast-tracking progress within our own business. We are moving swiftly to invest in the best talent, reduce the environmental impact of our operations, source product inputs responsibly and share our success with communities. As a company and as a corporate citizen, Micron is keeping pace with rapid change — finding more ways to accelerate sustainability and enrich life.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles require massive bandwidth to make hundreds of calculations per second. These smart vehicles could help reduce traffic accidents and ease congestion.

Big Data

Researchers are using high-powered data processing to find patterns in patient genomes, which could lead to new cures for diseases like cancer.

Artificial Intelligence

Neural networks can assess the energy efficiency of a company’s operations and find ways for businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

Internet of Things

Advanced sensors enable deeper insights for better decision-making — such as allowing farmers to precisely monitor and manage the health of their fields.

Augmented Reality

By bringing digital objects into the physical world, augmented reality is unlocking new possibilities for education and job training.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are giving people access to the internet — some for the first time — allowing them to access services like banking and participate in the global economy.