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Message From
The President

The year 2020 marked the beginning of an era that would change healthcare forever. Overnight, the COVID-19 global pandemic created unprecedented challenges for patients and providers alike. And yet Ochsner Health Network logged a year of unparalleled accomplishments in network growth and financial savings and rewards:

  • Network provider membership grew by 30 percent, approaching 4,500, with 75 percent comprised of physicians and the remainder advanced practice professionals.
  • Across the network, total shared savings generated grew 337 percent to $104.8 million.
  • Incentives and rewards distributed to network partners grew 369 percent to $61.6 million.
  • OHN evolved its business structure into a streamlined, single-entity, clinically integrated network, with an all-new governance framework, run predominately with physician leadership.

Big network strides, big clinical impact

As OHN, the largest Louisiana-managed, clinically integrated network, continues making these big strides in its behind-the-scenes business initiatives, providers on the front lines of patient care transformation are achieving meaningful milestones on our journey towards value-based delivery, even amidst the disruptive pressures of COVID-19.

OHN’s business team provides an incentive-based contracting vehicle whereby providers who deliver value and keep their patient populations healthy, in turn, generate shared savings and subsequent financial rewards.

Nationally, healthcare performance scores plummeted, as millions of patients missed wellness checkups and cancer screenings, while too many others failed to adequately monitor and manage chronic medical conditions. Meanwhile, the OHN team tackled the challenges with urgency, creativity and innovation, gathering some of the brightest minds to overcome barriers to care access, and the much-needed provider support and advocacy. Nearly overnight, telehealth was transformed from a promising-but-seldom-used alternative channel to becoming the centerpiece of care delivery’s “new normal.” OHN’s efforts resulted in opening the gateway for patients and providers to continue their relationships with a reliable mechanism for guaranteeing critical access and reimbursement.

In turn, the year 2020’s clinical and financial successes underscore the critical staying power of value-based care. OHN’s business team provides an incentive-based contracting vehicle whereby providers who deliver value and keep their patient populations healthy, in turn, generate shared savings and subsequent financial rewards. OHN’s value proposition for its providers includes care management support, nurse-driven call center support, post-acute care coordination, and big data tools for targeting the right care, to the right patients, at the right time.

Our work is not done

Despite the success in 2020, it's clear more work must be done. Disadvantaged populations were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, and Ochsner Health Network considers it our mission to continuously evolve in order to reverse those disparities in every corner of Louisiana and beyond.

Historically, OHN was established as a “network of networks” with decentralized approaches, communications, and capabilities. Evolving into a single network, physician-led, with one voice, one brand and one purpose provides members with direct access to the tools, autonomy, and support necessary to succeed in an emerging value-driven world. And it’s made possible by the trust we’ve built with our partners who recognize that OHN fuels important work they’re proud to be part of.

I’m deeply grateful to OHN’s partners and staff who, faced with unimaginable challenges in 2020, rose to the occasion to serve patients and communities in such remarkable ways. More opportunities to serve and grow lie ahead, and I’m confident we have the right partners and strategic approach to deliver for all our stakeholders.

David Carmouche, MD
President, Ochsner Health Network