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Engaging Our Stakeholders

The decisions we make as a company impact a variety of people—from our employees and shareholders to the customers who use our products each day. It’s important that we understand their perspectives and take their voices into account.

We regularly engage our key stakeholders to better understand the issues that matter most to them and our business, and we leverage their insights to advance our ESG efforts.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our largest stakeholder groups and how we engage with them:

Stakeholder Group How We Engage
  • Customer Service direct interactions
  • Focus groups
  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Customer surveys
  • Annual survey
  • Employee awards
  • Manager check-ins
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities
NGOs and Community Organizations
  • Community dialogues
  • Engagement through community partnerships, volunteerism and partnerships to advance shared priorities
  • Membership in civic organizations like the Chicago Corporate Coalition
  • Philanthropic investments
  • Annual meeting of shareholders
  • Quarterly earnings call
  • Participation in conferences and forums
  • Investor meetings and outreach
  • Voice of the Supplier Surveys
  • Executive Relationship Review Sessions
  • Exploring innovation opportunities
  • Sharing of strategic objectives and priorities
  • Maintain ongoing dialogue with supervisors on company and agency developments
  • Engage with key government decision-makers on policy issues impacting our business and customers