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Policy Engagement
and Advocacy

Prudent public policy that fosters growth and innovation is important to our mission at Discover. We monitor public policy developments, and engage with legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders on proposals that directly impact our business, and the ability to deliver results for our employees, customers, shareholders, and communities. We pursue a collaborative approach to policy engagement to ensure our interests are properly represented at all levels of government, and work alongside our industry partners to advocate for our priorities at the local, state, and federal levels.

Discover operates in a highly regulated environment that continually evolves due to changes in federal, state and local laws, and regulatory requirements. We maintain the highest ethical standards and transparency when engaging with public officials and abide by all appropriate reporting and disclosure requirements. Our public policy strategies, political engagement, and outreach activities are directed by the Discover Government Relations team, and are overseen by Discover’s Executive Committee. Employees are not permitted to use company resources or staff to engage in political activities. Federal lobbying expenses are reported on our quarterly LD-203 report.

Political Action Committee

Helping people achieve a brighter financial future is our mission, and the Discover Financial Services Political Action Committee (PAC) supports candidates who work to create a legislative environment where that is possible. The employee-funded PAC is bipartisan and contributes to candidates based on a set of criteria including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Committee assignments.
  • Leadership positions.
  • Representation of a district/state where Discover has a facility and employees.
  • Alignment with Discover’s business objectives.

The PAC is funded solely through voluntary contributions made by eligible employees, not through corporate political contributions, and is overseen by the PAC Board. It operates in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Contributions are disclosed to the Federal Election Commission, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate through LD-203 reports, and on Discover’s public website.