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A Trusted Partner for
Financial Success

Customers choose Discover because they trust our brand, our products, and our people. We seek to earn that trust by ensuring everything we do is reliable, consistent and performed with the highest level of integrity.

Critical to becoming a trusted financial partner is helping people make financial progress. We provide simple, easy-to-understand information and tools that facilitate informed financial decisions and products that make saving easier. In 2021 we received several awards highlighting customer satisfaction with our products and services:

FutureEdge 50
Award Winner

Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund
Bank On certification standard for Cashback Debit

Innovation/Customer Service

Brand Keys
#1 for Brand Loyalty
in the Credit
Card Category

Investor’s Business Daily
Most Trusted Financial Companies

Best Checking Account with No Monthly Fees for Cashback Debit

Credit Management

When individuals know and understand their creditworthiness, they can better manage their personal finances. We offer several resources to help consumers maintain healthy finances by staying on top of their credit use and credit score. These include:

Discover Credit Scorecard

The Discover Credit Scorecard helps individuals understand their credit by providing primary card holders easy access to their FICO® Credit Score. More than 13 million customers checked their FICO® Score with the Discover Credit Scorecard in 2021.

Secured Card

For individuals with poor credit, or none at all, it can be tough to get a loan or line of credit—even though that may be exactly what they need to help establish their credit score. Building a record of on-time payments is an important factor that impacts creditworthiness. For many, Discover’s Secured Credit Card, which requires a refundable security deposit in exchange for a line of credit, is the solution.

Debt Consolidation

We encourage customers to consider consolidating their debt from other financial service providers with us to give them more clarity around their debt situation and simplify their payments. Nearly half of our personal loan customers have used debt consolidation to get better control of their financial situation. We offer several products that can be used for debt consolidation, including:

  • Balance Transfers
  • Personal Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Student Consolidation Loans

Student Support

Financial stress can be a barrier to earning a degree. We offer several tools to help college students get off to the right start. Our calculators are available to customers and non-customers to help students and their parents make informed decisions about paying for college before they take out a loan.

  • Award Letter Calculator: Compare financial aid award letters to understand how much they will pay for college.
  • Loan Amount Calculator: Estimate how much they need to borrow in student loans.
  • Student Loan Calculator: Estimate monthly student loan payments.
  • Prepayment Calculator: Estimate how much they might save by making larger loan payments or paying off a loan earlier.

Additionally, Discover’s student cards help teach good money and credit management to students during school and after graduation, offering a great way to move into the world of financial independence. A student credit card is a fully functioning credit card with benefits geared to students and lower credit limits that allow students to start building credit history.