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A Strong

Consistent, Sustainable,
Long-Term Performance

Regions continues to be a source of economic strength for our customers and communities. We know that our ability to deliver consistent, sustainable, long-term growth is critical to building a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future.

Our continued success sits on our strong foundation of strategic business investments and effective ESG management, which include:

We Focus on
the Customer

A wide range of financial tools, insights, and services are available to help customers manage their finances and take control of their financial wellness.

We Deliver

2% year-over-year
revenue growth

$2.665 billion year-over-year increase
in pre-tax pre-provision income

We Invest
in Tech

Digital investments on mobile and online banking platforms, at the branch and through call centers to meet customers’ rapidly changing needs.

We Operate

33% operational greenhouse gas emissions
reduction since 2019

Achieved 2023 energy use reduction goal

34% energy use reduction since 2015

We Support
Our Communities

$23 million of philanthropic and community giving
by Regions Bank and the Regions Foundation.