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For more than two decades, Corporate Reports has helped hundreds of companies—from mega-caps to micro-caps—produce what has long been considered the flagship document for every public company.

Our view of the annual report and its role often runs contrary with conventional thinking. Yes, this publication serves as the disclosure function for current shareholders. Smart companies, however, also utilize the annual report as a marketing tool to attract potential shareholders, strategic partners and talent, as well as to influence opinion leaders. As such, our goal is always to position the document as a strategic, forward-looking one that clearly differentiates a company from its peers. Research supports this approach. In a survey of 300 institutional investors, over half say that the annual report influences their investment decision.

Corporate Reports is dedicated to producing blue chip communication—tools that command a premium value through their ability to present ideas that influence an audience. Through annual reports, product literature, multimedia presentations, websites, speeches, corporate responsibility reports, newsletters, meeting materials and more, we help you move a targeted audience to action—investors to buy or hold your stock, customers to purchase your products or services, employees to stay long-term or unite behind a common goal and communities to support your company or your cause.

Our creative approach is always grounded in strong message development that we support with compelling design and high-quality production. Memorable thematic concepts and solid editorial content organization anchor our work so that it moves beyond simple information dissemination to persuasive communication.

We are a full-service, award-winning firm with an in-house staff of professionals that includes strategists, project managers, copywriters, art directors, web developers and production specialists. The company was founded in 1984 and rapidly grew into one of the largest financial communication firms in the country. Over the years, our practice has significantly expanded to include corporate communication, marketing communication, as well as human resources, community relations and public affairs projects.

Corporate Reports is based in Atlanta and is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise.



We leverage our expertise and proven approach across a wide variety of communication projects for public, private and non-profit organizations. Our clients range from investor relations officers to human resource managers to product marketing specialists.  While the scale and scope of projects varies widely, the hallmarks remain the same—thorough research, strong conceptual development, compelling design and detailed production execution.



Whether you are betting in a poker game or on the stock market, a blue chip commands a premium valuation. We believe this blue chip quality extends to the realm of communication—quality that increases the likelihood that your communication effort will be a successful one. Specifically, what qualities make for Blue Chip Communication?

A Clearly Defined Message
We launch every single project by asking "Who is the audience?" and "What do we want them to remember?"  We help you determine the answers to these questions by conducting as much research as possible about your audience, your company, your competition and your industry. By learning about your communication goals from every angle possible, we can help you not only to craft the right message, but also to craft a persuasive one that will lead your audience to better understand and embrace your proposition.

Well-Organized Content That Is Relevant To The Intended Audience
This point may distinguish us from our peers more than any other and it’s the reason we never call ourselves simply a design firm. We are obsessive about content—determining content that truly matters to your audience, organizing content into a structure that makes sense to the reader, layering content that ensures it will get noticed, whether scanned briefly or studied intently. From a simple postcard for employees to a six-panel product brochure for customers to a 24-page strategic discussion for investors, what you say, where you say it and how you say it is critical to transforming information into communication.

Design That Facilitates, Not Dictates
We love great design. Design produces the "ah ha" moment when it all comes together. But, design has its place. While it is true that a picture can speak a thousand words, it is not always true that those words make sense. Simply put, design makes or breaks a message. Too much design?  The message is obscured. Too little design?  The message is ignored. We strive to execute design that truly enhances concepts and content. This is why we always start by asking "What do you want to say?" rather than "What do you want to see?"

On-Time, On-Budget Delivery
No sizzle here folks, but you will appreciate this point during your annual review. If you produce the most compelling communication possible but it blows your budget or misses its deadline, then it is not blue chip communication. It is simply late, expensive and a missed opportunity. Our team approach helps to prevent this. Specialists in the areas of content, design, typesetting and production are assigned to your project. An account supervisor coordinates this team and serves as your contact throughout the entire project. As a result, you get the benefit of unique and talented experts who work together, as well as a point person who ensures accountability at every step of the project.

The Ability To Be Yours and Yours Alone
Brand marketers are devoted to making their products unique and differentiated in order to be noticed in the marketplace, to appeal to a targeted customer and to fulfill a promise in order to motivate a purchase. Why should corporate communication be any different? We strive to produce communication vehicles that reflect your organization, your culture, your product and your brand. We dig deep to avoid generic design looks and themelines. We consider it a home run when you can point to a completed project and claim, "No one can own this but us."



Corporate Reports and its clients have been honored with hundreds of awards for communication and design from such organizations as the Mercomm International ARC Awards, the Public Relations Society of America, The National Association of Investors Corporation, The International Association of Business Communicators, The Mercomm Galaxy Awards, The International Academy of Visual Arts and the League of American Communication Professionals.  In the most recent awards season, our client roster has accumulated a record number of honors.