2017 Annual and Corporate Responsibility Report

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2017 Annual and Corporate Responsibility Report

We live in divided times.

But when we look around us,

it’s easy to see people
who Live Mutual,

and do extraordinary
things for each other.

Proving a concept at the core
of the MassMutual brand:

That interdependence is more
powerful than independence.

Because together, we can do
more good than any of us can alone.

We see this every day in
unsung heroes who reach out

to make a difference
in each other’s lives.

These uplifting stories
fuel our passion to do more—

for policyholders, for our fellow employees,
and for the communities
we call home.

In this year’s report, we spotlight
the MassMutual people

Who are raising the bar for interdependence.

Mentoring colleagues,
educating our youth,
reaching out to the underserved,

And demonstrating the
power of Live Mutual.

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